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    Our vision to increase the longevity of our planet, our people and the communities in which we live and work by significantly reducing the amount of food and single-use waste produced

Our Commitment

Our vision as a company is to use our business opportunities and our products to make an impact on the world around us. Through our products we have always been focused on reducing impact on the environment by providing reusable, durable and easy-to-use solutions that help minimize plastic and food waste.

Now, we extend our vision by committing to significantly reduce our impact on the issue of waste by taking large steps to ensure waste reduction at every step of the lifecycle of our product – design, manufacturing and distribution, to consumption, recycling and recovery.

Our Material Innovation

Through No Time to Waste, we are committed to creating products from sustainably sourced materials.

Introducing our ECO+ Material

At Tupperware Brands, we use our heritage of innovation as a guide to sourcing, selecting and testing first to market sustainable materials – what we call ECO+ material. We first introduced our ECO+ material in 2019 through the introduction of our Eco Straw in selected markets around the world. The Eco Straw was derived from a revolutionary material – circular polymers. These circular polymers are made through a process of using mixed single-use plastic waste that was destined for disposal, breaking it down to its molecular level and recreating it into a high-quality food grade plastic. This first material aligned with our commitment to address the global challenge of single-use plastic waste. We are now expanding the ECO+ line and testing new innovations in the sustainability space like bio-based material. This journey has no destination for us – we are committed to constantly finding, testing and using innovative material that would support our No Time to Waste commitment and to increase ECO+ material use across our product lines.

Our Impact


  • Partnerships


    To truly impact the issue of waste, we know we can’t do it alone. This is why we’re partnering with organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and World Central Kitchen, that share our vision and who we know are making a true difference in the world.

  • Associates


    Through our organization, our associates are encouraging each other to reduce the single-use plastic used at work and at home so that they too are stewards of the environment.

  • Sales Force

    Sales Force

    Our Sales Force plays a vital role in helping spread the message of how to use Tupperware products for long-time reusability and explain to new and current consumers, how Tupperware is making a difference.


  • Material Use

    Material Use

    We recently announced that we are one of four companies who have been selected to use a new raw material made from mixed plastic waste. As a company based on continuous innovation, we are always looking for new environmentally friendly source materials.

  • Product Design

    Product Design

    All Tupperware® brand products are meant to be used again and again, reducing the single-use plastic that is heavily responsible for harming the environment and minimizing the amount of food wasted.


  • Operations


    We are reducing waste, increasing renewable energy and limiting the amount of water we use to operate. We are also aiming for zero waste to landfill across all manufacturing facilities.

  • Packaging


    By 2025, all Tupperware products will be delivered to consumers only in packaging that is compostable or biodegradable – meaning no more poly bags.


  • Consumption


    We are committed to making products that make it easier for consumers to reduce their own waste by offering single-use plastic alternatives and through our marketing and communication with Sales Force; we will continue to drive consumers to use products in this way.

  • Recycling


    We are enhancing our return process so that by 2025, 90% of returned products are recycled and repurposed.

Do Your Part & Pledge to Waste Less

Tupperware Brands is making big changes in our operations and our product line to tackle the issue of waste – but you don’t have to make as big a leap to do your part! Small, every day changes like bringing your lunch from home in reusable Tupperware® products, ditching the use of plastic bags, saying no to disposable cutlery and more are instrumental in helping eliminate more waste from entering our planet.

Find your location on the map below and make your commitment to do your part to reduce waste. Remember, small changes can lead to big results!

Total pledges to Date

Pledge Leaders

    Breakdown by Region

    Thank you for your pledge!

    Your commitments means the world to us.

    Tips to Waste Less & Live More


    BYOT – Bring Your Own Tupperware® Products
    Make a concerted effort to bring your lunch from home using one of our many reliable and durable Tupperware® microwavable containers such as our CRYSTALWAVE® set.


    Dispose your use of plastic bags
    Instead of using onetime use plastic sandwich bags, make the switch to our Sandwich Keepers. And when shopping for groceries, be sure to take with you a reusable tote or bag.


    Keep a recycle and reuse mindset
    Whenever possible, recycle the plastic that you do use and reuse as much as possible so that we’re all doing our part to ensure a world without waste.          


    Use on-the-go drink products
    Throughout the day, be sure to fill up your coffee or water using one of our Tupperware® on-the-go drink products, like our Eco Water bottle, as opposed to a disposable water bottle.


    Avoid disposable cutlery
    When possible, use our on-the-go cutlery like forks, knives and spoons that can be used, reused and used again.